verb a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group

The Privileges ‘Dine-Around’ program was launched in Canberra, Australia, in 1991.

It’s a B2B dining rewards platform used by Flight Centre and Ignite Travel (and others) as a way of adding significant value to their boutique travel packages, and VIP transfers.

Our restaurant partners are all carefully selected on the basis of their quality, reliability and popularity. And they are very happy to be part of the program, because they are compensated for the benefits they make available to Privileges members.

Privileges is committed to delivering rewarding dining experiences that leave our members (and other stakeholders) satisfied and happy to share these positive feelings with others.

Our members enjoy access to delicious dining options … with ‘privileges’ at a range of locations including Phuket, Koh Samui, Bangkok, Bali, Fiji and various locations in Australia.

The one Privileges membership can be used anywhere across our network of venues, subject to the expiry date shown. And the accompanying digital card can be used repeatedly at each venue, so the benefits are virtually unlimited.

We also offer a Performance Guarantee in the unlikely event that a member ever has a problem. If this occurs, they are asked to speak with the restaurant manager in the first instance and, if the issue can’t be resolved, to obtain his or her details, and a copy of the receipt, and email these to team@dine-around.com.au as well as their name and contact details, and a summary of what happened. We will quickly investigate and (after verifying that the membership should have been honoured) will reimburse the member 110% of what they should have saved, in the form of either a cash refund or other (mutually agreed) compensation.

About this site

This site is designed to provide members and non-members with information about great places to eat and have fun. However, the restaurant offers featured are only available to our registered members

To claim the published offer at a participating restaurant, members must first login with their username / email and password, then visit the relevant restaurant page and click the “Display Your Card” button. This will generate their personalized Digital Privileges Card (featuring the restaurant name) which they must show to staff in order to access the offer. They must do this each time they want to access an offer.

Membership fees – Although Privileges is primarily a B2B (Business to Business) product, which is purchased by leading companies as a value-added bonus to reward their VIP customers, we sometimes make a limited number of memberships available for direct sale, particularly if these people are happy to review our restaurant partners. For more details, and to find out if we currently have a Card allocation available, please message us via the Contact Us link

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