Performance Guarantee

Although our venue partners are committed to providing great service, we have a Performance Guarantee, in the unlikely event our members ever have a problem. If this occurs, they should speak with the venue manager in the first instance and, if the issue can’t be resolved, then obtain his or her details, and a copy of the receipt, and email these to as well as their name and contact details, and a summary of what happened.

We will quickly investigate and (after verifying that the membership should have been honoured) will reimburse the member 110% of what they should have saved, in the form of either a cash refund or other (mutually agreed) compensation.

Note: This Performance Guarantee does NOT apply where the Digital Card can’t be displayed due to ISP; Website; Server; or connectivity problems, and neither Privileges (nor its agents) has any obligation or responsibility (financial or otherwise) if such issues arise.

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